Monday, 10 June 2013

Medical Marijuana: Growing at Home

It's interesting to see today that the Federal Government is rolling out new regulations for medical marijuana.  Of interest to landlord's is the removal of the right to personally grow the plants to produce marijuana at home--i.e. in the residential complex.  While it has not been a huge problem for most of my clients; there are indeed some landlord clients who have had to deal with associated moisture, ventilation and security problems in relation to growing marijuana plants.

The regulations are to be published in the Canada Gazette on Wednesday and we should then have a clearer idea of what rights people will have in relation to producing marijuana.  At present, it appears that users will need to order the marijuana to be delivered by mail--suggesting of course that the security of mailboxes may indeed become a serious issue in the coming weeks/months.

Michael K. E. Thiele
Ottawa, Ontario

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